“Her work is priceless.”

I am a professor in the Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies department at Kansas State University. Domina Franco spoke to my Human Sexual Behaviours class and I would like to communicate my highest regard for her as not only a knowledgeable and experienced sex educator but a talented public speaker. Domina has a gift for connecting with audiences, students and staff through her authenticity and humor. She shares her knowledge and experiences and makes herself vulnerable communicating the strength of her person. My students were curious, engaged and found her approachable as they were able to ask those “embarrassing” questions. Though Domina Franco makes it clear she does not speak for all queer or kinky people, the power of her truth opened student’s minds to the reality and humanity of those who do identify as members of the kink community. Domina creates a kinder and more well informed world. Her work is priceless.

— Dr. Angela Towne, MEd, PhD – Kansas State University

“Domina is the go-to-woman!”

 If you are looking for great advice, Domina is the go-to-woman! I've reached out to her many times and have always received great advice! She's also quick to respond to questions.  Most recently I was in a relationship with a man that I sadly learned was sleeping with others.  I reached out to Domina right away. I had lost my job and hadn't been approved for insurance yet.  She was so wonderful... not only was she understanding of my situation but she was able to send me links about the importance of getting tested and links for finding local free testing areas.  What a relief... got tested right away!!

Onto a totally different topic:  Ben Wa Balls. I purchased my first set a few weeks ago.  Tried them a few times but was not sure what I was doing wrong.  I couldn't get them to stay in all the way. Domina was the one I turned to for help.  Not only did she send me information on exercises to do with them but she also sent me links for the most commonly asked questions.  Cannot wait to use them now!

— Andrea, 38

Domina's knowledge of all things sex and smut is vast and her ability to communicate that knowledge is truly a gift. Whether contributing to our online magazine or advising on how to be a more inclusive workplace, working with Domina has not only been a delight but a smart move for us.

— Sarah Jayne Kinney, Unbound

“Inexorable charm, sharp wit, and clear passion”

As the Head Mistress of La Domaine Esemar, and an educator myself, I interface with scores of educators every year. The factors that set Domina Franco at the head of the pack are her inexorable charm, sharp wit, and clear passion for sharing her knowledge with others. She strives to make sex education accessible and joyous for people of all ages, backgrounds, and demographics. She is one of the best allies I know in that regard.

Domina Franco has an extensive understanding of human sexuality and a unique perspective on power exchange dynamics which contribute to her ability to host compelling workshops. As such, she is one of the most requested educators that we host at the chateau! In addition to group education scenarios, I've witnessed Domina Franco take the initiative to personally mentor newcomers, demonstrating that her empathy is one of the most important qualities that makes her a valuable educator.

— Mistress Couple, La Domaine Esemar

“She gave me a safe space to express myself”

My partner and I were both virgins the first time we had intercourse. I experienced a lot of pain and afterwards felt very broken as the sex did not happen as I'd always imagined or seen portrayed on film. I felt broken in some way and that my relationship was going to end because of it. Domina encouraged me to see my gynecologist to rule out any physical conditions. She insisted that I was not broken. One thing she mentioned that resonated with me is that 'just as someone goes to a cardiologist for their heart you need to go to an gynecologist for your vagina. It's no different.' She recommended I have a conversation with my partner about my fears, the pain, and to get honest to give him the chance to support me. With the help of Domina, I've discovered that given my upbringing, my anxiety around sexuality and my family of origin it is no wonder sex is challenging for me. She gave me a safe space to express myself as a woman discovering her sexuality and suggestions on ways to increase intimacy. I've recently been expressing my intimate and sexual desires verbally and physically with my partner and it has really strengthened our relationship.

— Anonymous, 26


Domina Franco helped my girlfriend and I understand and communicate about the things that trigger us emotionally. We heard Domina speak at an event we were attending, and she told an engaging, memorable story that stuck with us. She is just as adept at listening as she is at speaking -- She helped us to focus on what was most important to us, individually and as a couple. Domina reminded us that even though our viewpoints differ, we can still understand and support each other.

— Alexa, 30