My name is Domina Franco and I am a sex educator, coach and writer who has been studying human sexuality for over 20 years. Over the last seven years, I have built a coaching practice that helps clients of all genders and orientations clarify, explore and enhance their sex lives.

I believe that sex is an integral aspect to the human experience and that we should be having exactly the sort of sex lives we want provided we are safe, keeping our partners safe and always playing consensually. There is no reason your sex life shouldn’t be everything you’ve always wished it could be….because it can be. It's time to erase shame, stigma and secrecy around sexuality. 

I have extensive experience in subjects ranging from sexual health and wellness, pleasure exploration, alternative relationship models, gender expression and queer identity to female empowerment and BDSM/kink practices. 

It was at La Domaine Esemar, the oldest BDSM training chateau in the country, where I created and facilitated my first workshop. Using my skills as a former semi pro wrestler I created "Wrestling for Domination" which is a four hour intensive focusing on the varied abilities and potential of all body types (Yes, you read that right…former semi pro wrestler....I have surprises for you all over the place!)

As a featured guest lecturer, I've also spoken on BDSM/kink, sexual health, consent and body autonomy at institutions such as New York University, Kansas State University, Rutgers University and Kean University. I am also currently working as a live streaming sex educator on O.School, an online sex education platform that reaches over 40 countries globally. 

Alongside my passion for education, I have worked as a consultant and collaborator with Unbound as a content provider and contributing resource supporting their bad ass intersectional feminist sex toy empire. 

Interested in talking? Send me an email at and let’s chat about what you need. Your initial 30 minute consultation is free.

Domina Franco is a proud member of AASECT, Sex Ed Network and Women of Sex Tech.