Episode 6

People often dismiss or simply forget about Asexuality as a sexual orientation and that even asexuality also works on a spectrum...Rachel, a graduate student of Human Sexuality Studies at Widener University and Cuddlist professional, gives us some of her time to discuss her experience with coming to understand her asexuality and her upcoming projects around the subject matter.

Episode 5

Kyria and Isake of the podcast "Cheers and Queers" chat with me about the boundaries between and around romantic and platonic love, dating and ethical non-monogamy....and we drink delicious fizzy booze throughout. Don't miss the amazingness that is this duo. The most recent episode of""Cheers and Queers" can be found at Cheers & Queers.

Episode 4

Sex is a complicated enough thing when offspring aren't in the mix....but what happens to your sex life both during and after pregnancy? Rachel and Wally, a married couple with a toddler take some time to chat with me about their experience both before their daughter arrived and after her birth.

Episode 3

Angela Cobb, local NYC Comic, talks about being a "late bloomer" and experiencing sex for the first time a little later in life....and during Hurricane Sandy no less! We discuss what virginity even means, why people think it's SO important and why it seems to illicit a sense of shame for some folks.

Episode 2

Domina talks with Wren, the fantastic artist and mastermind behind Purevile about sexual orientation and what it means for him as a man who identifies as gay but has dated women. How queer is queer? When are you queer enough? (Hint: If you're a little queer then you're queer. Celebrate it!)

Episode 1

Jason sits down to talk with me about his experience as a black heteroflexible man growing up in Texas, his orientation and how it's impacted his relationships....and we also talk about "dick fingers" because why not? Press to subscribe to my channel if you'd like to see more interviews!